Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weddings Are Serious Endeavors.

There's been quite an uproar in recent years about the definition of marriage and legal measures to set that definition in stone. According to nearly half the population, marriage should be legally defined as a union between a man and a woman and anything else is violating the intent and sacredness of marriage. Basically, for a good part of the population, gays and lesbians should never be allowed to marry.

So, heterosexual relationships are upholding the sanctity of marriage, right?

Heterosexual relationships like the one between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries?


Kardashian and Humphries were married on television with the wedding reportedly costing over 10 million bucks. Rumors have circulated about whether or not the Kardashian family actually profited from the wedding, but ultimately, it's not about any profit the Kardashian family made. For one thing, a Las Vegas nightclub paid Kardashian $50,000 to hold her bachelor party there. She was given 3 different designer wedding dresses totaling $60,000, $10,000 worth of invitations, and a $6,000 cake. That only scratches the surface of the "donations." Instead of being known for donating to those in need--the 1.5 million homeless children, these companies would rather be part of something which turned out to be nothing more than a publicity stunt. 

After just 72 days, Kardashian and Humphries are calling it quits. They took the vows which are meant to be sacred commitments of forever to one another only to admit those vows meant nothing after less than 3 months. 

In reference to the split, Kardashian says:

I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly. I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn't get off when now I know I probably should have. I got caught up with the hoopla and the filming of the TV show that when I probably should have ended my relationship, I didn't know how to and didn't want to disappoint a lot of people.

Kardashian married for television and called it love, but close to half the population is concerned gays and lesbians would ruin the very idea of marriage. 

Sensible, right?

All the money spent on that sham could have done a lot for homeless children, but Kardashian couldn't possibly stop thinking about herself long enough to understand that concept. 

The one-two punch of this is deafening.

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