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Watch it till the end.

What happened to "the good ol' days" when, if you got to the point of fighting, you tied up 1 on 1 and had a beer after it was settled? Now you jump someone with all your friends, literally beat the clothes off them and when it's over, jump around and make lots of noise. What the hell?

Juvenille Diabetes

Did anyone else realize the Michelin Man was a mexican?

We stress human rights and tolerance in our schools

I am writing this with extreme regret to inform you that I will no longer participate in class discussions ( even though it's the end of the semester, blah ) and choose to leave before hand. I will turn in papers and participate in my final, but will not sit through and surround myself with similar tripe that was presented in the biblical gay bashing session that took place in class today. The simple fact that you allowed a student to use points ( not facts ) from the bible astounds me and to also let him stand there and continue to preach from a spiritual and biblical stance on the subject is a out right infringement on my separation of church and state rights. Allowing him to get a grade based on the bible is at your discretion as the professor even though the rest of us had to actually do research and put some effort into our work. However, it's absurd that you as a teacher would allow him to speak about it in front of a classroom of adults and act like it's no big deal. Had it occurred to you at all that someone in that class might be homosexual? Had it occurred to you that someone in that class might have been raised by homosexual parents or be related to someone who is homosexual? Obviously not. I'm a very open-minded individual and what was said today offended me deeply. I have gay friends that I believe deserve the same rights as any other minority. Just as well to hear a statement like "even good people go to hell too" is considered an assault on my intelligence and should never have been allowed to be thrown at me in a "class discussion." This was no discussion. It was more like Sunday school against gays and lesbians. I like to base my life around factual information and science and to be threatened and belittled in front of a class of people with the idea of the delusion that hell is a real place just makes me that much more aggravated. I realize the freedom of speech stance, but lashing out just because I explained I was non-spiritual was uncalled for.

With utmost sincerity and concern,

Brandon Velez-Rivera

I wrote this e-mail because of all the tolerance shown in class today.......

Judas = Jesus

I hate to admit it, but after watching this video, I listened to the song. It's not even sacrilegious. She's talking about how she feels she betrays Jesus like Judas Iscariot did. (For the record, contrary to the little girl's beliefs, Judas was the apostle who betrayed Jesus.) Just another example of ignorance prevailing while educated and informed opinions are snuffed. At least she was downing Lady GaGa.

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We're Fully Informed On Our Own Freedoms

In a 2008 survey, about a third of all Americans believed our Freedom of Religion as established by the Constitution only applied to certain belief systems and definitely excluded any religion considered to be 'extreme."

---If you allow Mormons to follow the beliefs of Joseph Smith and his "seer stones" and Christians to believe in a talking snake, you got to allow everything. 

America--Land Of Science and Advancement

In a recent Gallup poll, only 39% of Americans stated they believe in the theory of evolution

A Big Mac whack.

With as many videos that are posted on the net of bad shit happening at Mickey D's, I think they should put a warning on the window.

Who you calling a ho?

In this case, I don't feel the owner was the one showing ignorance, rather, I feel she played off the ignorance of others in order to turn a profit. It seems to have worked too. Look at that line. People are flocking to this diner just to see what could be served at a place with such an outlandish name.

Would you like fries with that?

Some people just don't understand that when you act like a wild animal, there will be consequences. There's a right and a wrong way to do everything. This is the wrong way.

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Possibly retarded?

A case of footenmouth.

Wait for it, wait for it....


I don't know if I feel bad for these kids because their mother is sorry, or because they had to view that.

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Nothing is sacred anymore.

The reporter's (on left) face says it all.

We Teach Our Daughters Self Respect

An 11 year old with 3 boyfriends and a webcam so she can fuck til she bleeds. She's right...she's perfect--a perfect example of everything that's wrong.

We Instill Values In Our Children

In fact, here's a shining example of how these girls were taught to respect their peers and themselves, to not resort to violence as a resolution, and to NOT GET PREGNANT BEFORE THEY CAN LEGALLY DRINK.

We also teach our children not to get famous for spreading their legs and being complete fuck-ups.



We Want Our Kids To Have Better Opportunities

Carlin speaks the truth.

It never fails. You can always find a Carlin quote that fits any subject. He really had an awesome grasp of reality in America.

Are we really this stupid?

Americans are NOT stupid(with subtitles) by eikichi

I am ashamed to call myself an American after this video. They had to have been interviewing people outside of a mental health clinic.

It's never too early...

A shinning example of modern American parenting skills.

Who says we don't treat guests with respect?

This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that our foreign relations are so impeccable in America.

We only eat whats necessary

Eat your heart out third world countries... oh wait.

Who needs facts?

American Culture

What does it say about America if the first thing to pop up on a Google image search when you type in "American Culture" and click search then this above image is what you see pop up in first place?

Where Wings Take Dream

Americans have a good understanding of politics

These are the same people who usually vote in the most "suitable" candidate.

The Fastest Man Alive

Maybe every other American movie shouldn't be based on a comic book. Other countries will think Americans live in an infantile fantasy land where reality is whatever we say it is and every problem can be solved with violence.
-Bill Maher
oh wait...

Here in America we take parenting seriously

An example:

MMA Fans Live It 24/7

And apparently they love cheeseburgers

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